Sporting Alfas CC v Goose Green CC (SUNDAY FRIENDLY)

March 25, 2024

Goose Green enjoyed their second win on this tour celebrating 40 years since the forming of the club. Being asked to set a score SACC got off to a steady start, Reaching fifty runs in the eighth over. Byrne (37) completely missed first change bowler Atkinson´s first ball and trudged off the field slightly disappointed.

Nathan receiving his first senior cap from the chairman. Given to Nathan from Sporting Alfas Cricket Club. Bowled three great overs with a very professional performance in the field, congratulations Nathan!

After a century in his last match Tyrone Maylon strode out full of confidence, Wallace bowled out his seven overs for a respectable 34 runs. Bisphan replaced Atkinson, who had also removed Overbury (13), for his lengthy one over spell. Smith taking over from Wallace. keeping one end solid and giving Goose Green the opportunity to give a few players the chance to try their luck. Bilal Ali (51) and Maylon (54) retiring although both should have been out prior to that point.  

Spencer and Khan the replacement batters. Keeping up the good work before Smith took the wicket of Spencer (17). With eight balls left Hafiz finally got to bat and hit 22 runs, Khan 19 the other not out batsman, 244 the target, Teatime and has always a fantastic spread awaited the players in the Lewis cabin on the fantastic Woodbridge Oval that Sporting Alfas CC call home.  

Goose Green´s Twiss opened and took the game to the SACC bowlers hitting any poor ball to the boundary, The other batsman not quite as efficient, Ward (1) Smith (5) Whitton (21) all failing to connect has cleanly, caught behind by Laundon. The introduction of Bilal was a bit of an affair his first ball missed everything his second spanked for 4 his third spanked for 4 his fifth clean bowling Twiss who was on 80 and really was surprised by a straight one.  

Unlucky Atkinson fell to superb one-handed diving catch in the covers by Powl giving Bilal two off an unusual first over. Wallace at the other end was in control of the chase hitting the occasional bad ball to the boundary and helping his teammates relax at the crease, The oppositions helpful twelfth man Mr Extra also helping with a healthy 31 runs today after only reaching 29 yesterday. Rigby hit a tidy 19 runs before missing a straight one from Hafiz. Goose Green ended the match with style, A Ward spanking a huge six over the watching crowd.

The great news that arrived during the post match analysis was, Goose Green, who in the past only toured five yearly, enjoyed this tour so much that they have booked for 2025 and intend on making this trip annually. This is why Sporting Alfas Cricket Club remain at the top of the destination list, welcoming teams from all over the world to our facility, that without the backing of the Ayuntamiento in Alfas Del Pi would not exist.  


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