La Manga Classic Tournament (DAY 2)

March 24, 2024


Arriving bright and early to an overcast La Manga cricket and golf result. LMTCC took to the field first against the Royal Challengers Belfast with W. Abdul and A. Hussain making their LMTCC debuts. After another tight powerplay from the LMTCC bowlers, RCB dominated the middle overs and finished strong ending the innings on 168/4.

Sunny from RCB carrying his bat with 66*.

8 bowlers used for LMTCC and here is how they went:

C. Wood 26/0 off 4

A. Alger 13/0 off 3

W. Amhed 11/0 off 2

A. Hussain 12/1 off 3

P. Singh 18/0 off 2

D. Scott 23/1 off 2

S. Godan 29/0 off 2

G. Singh 30/0 off 2

A catch from debutee W. Abdul and a run out from skipper A. Alger.

A lot of work to do with the bat to chase this. D. Mcclements and C. Hunt opened the batting for LMTCC and took the fight to the RCB bowlers with the 2 batters putting on 145/0 off 17 overs! D. Mcclements putting on 91 before being caught. A. Alger went in at 3 to try finish the job but was bowled for 5 with 17 needed off 12 balls.

Deputee W. Abdul went in at 4 to join C.Hunt and the 2 batters brought the score down to 12 needed of the last.

A couple of singles and dots meant LMTCC needed 10 from 2 balls. A huge 6 from W. Abdul meant the team needed 4 off the last ball with W. Abdul on strike. The bowler bowled a waist high no ball which W. Abdul hit for a single. Extra ball to be bowled, free hit, C.Hunt on strike on 46* and 2 runs to win........

SIX !!!!! C. Hunt opened the arms and hit the ball to long on and was helped by the wind to push the ball over long ons reach!!!!

Victory by 8 wickets on the last ball off the innings.

A breathtaking game of cricket where all spectators, players and even other players from other teams appreciated and loved the close finish.

No time to celebrate however, LMTCC had to move to the bottom pitch for there next challenge, Swansea CC.


After a nail biting win vs RCB. LMTCC moved downstairs to face the team from Wales.

Losing the toss, LMTCC were put into the field. A back and forth contest between the 2 teams with C.Wood and A. Alger bowling their 4 allocated overs straight away with Swansea putting on 60/2 off 8 overs. A. Hussain and W. Abdul came on to bowl and continued the pressure for a few overs and also G.Singh kept his overs quiet too. With the score at 106/4 off 16 overs. M. Wilson-Pestel came on to bowl with D. Scott and the remaining 4 overs went for 25 claiming 3 more wickets. This left Swansea with the score of 131/7 off 20 overs.

Heres how the LMTCC bowlers went:

C. Wood 0/26 off 4

A. Alger 2/29 off 4

W. Abdul 2/24 off 4

A. Hussain 0/11 off 2

G. Singh 0/13 off 2

M. Wilson-Pestel 0/7 off 2

D. Scott 3/18 off 2

2 catches from Skipper A. Alger, and a catch each for keeper K. Wood, C. Wood and E. Folwer.

Time for the chase.

D. Mcclements and C. Hunt opened again to try keep their form going but this time found it a bit more troublesome with C.Hunt falling in the powerplay for 3. G.Singh was moved up to 3 to get some time in the middle and made a good partnership with D. Mcclements putting on 66 in 6 overs. G.Singh was soon bowled bringing in T. Knowles. Another quick partnership of 26 off 3 overs brought LMTCC to 99 off 13 overs. T. Knowles was bowled and then opener D. Mcclements fell the following over and then A. Alger falling bowled a couple of balls following that. 99/2 changed to 99/5 in the space of 6 balls. A. Hussain at 6 and K. Wood at 7 needed 33 off 6 overs to win.

Regular singles between the 2 and pushing a couple of 2's kept ticking the score closer to the finish line before A. Hussain was run out with 18 needed off 14 balls.

W. Abdul came in to bat at 8 and continued rotating singles with K.Wood and a boundary coming in the penultimate over meant that 8 was needed off the last over. W. Abdul on strike and he smokes a cut shot over point for 4 runs. A single followed the next ball with K.Wood needing 3 off 4 balls.

Inside edge past the keeper for 4! Victory by 4 wickets with 3 balls to spare!

2 massive wins from 2 games for LMTCC today with the group table opening up for all the teams to potentially reach the final tomorrow.

Still some work to do though, 4 teams still to play their 4th game tomorrow so anything is possible.

LMTCC take on Bridgewater, while the battle of the royals takes place on the bottom pitch, The Royal Engineers vs Royal Challengers Belfast. All 4 teams with all to play for.

Both game ought to be crackers and both games start at 10.00am. Be sure to set your alarms and come watch what will be a good day for cricket.

See you all for finals day !!!

La Manga Torrevieja Cricket Club

Here is how the tournament table looks at the end of day 2

1. Old Hill - Played 4, Won 3, Lost 1, NRR 1.11

2. Royal Engineers - Played 3, Won 3, Lost 0, NRR 0.92

3. LMTCC - Played 3, Won 2, Lost 1, NRR -0.39

4. Bridgewater - Played 3, Won 1, Lost 2, NRR 0.34

5. Royal Challengers Belfast - Played 3, Won 1, Lost 2, NRR -0.26

6. Dusseldorf - Played 4, Won 1, Lost 3, NRR -0.67

7. Swansea - Played 4, Won 1, Lost 3, NRR -0.81

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